OOIDA’s Spencer blasts ATA, asks FMCSA to work with Congress on ELD delay

Chris Spear, President & CEO of the ATA
This is Chris Spear. He is the President and CEO the ATA. Which means he works directly for the CEO’s of the largest carriers in this country. His letter is an attempt to send a signal to Congress and the public. That message? Nothing to see here…move along.

It’s not going to be that easy Chris.

Check out the article in the link below.

Land Line Magazine article regarding ATA’s letter to FMCSA


Author: Phil Shuart

My name is Phil Shuart and I am a professional hobo, expert vagabond, and asphalt gyspy. In short I’m a trucker. Unlike like most truckers, you can’t entice me with false promises of regular home time. I will not be lured by dedicated or regional runs. I want to wander the two-lane arteries of small town America. I want to discover new vistas that can't be seen from the interstate. I suffer from a terrible case of itchy feet. From wanderlust. Our industry has termed this Lifestyle Trucking. I prefer Hobo Life.

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