Operation Black and Blue #OP3WASH

I wonder what 10,000 rigs in the Capitol will sound like to our representatives?


Demands For Washington for special session

Some of these don't apply to ALL COMPANIES.

1. ELD Mandate To Be Abolished
2. Eliminate 14 HOS
3. Restructure the FMCSA to have over half of the members be former truck drivers/owner -operators from the raw material sectors, owner-operators, small trucking companies, highway freight sectors and only 1% being from the mega carriers. Other members of this panel will include members with a history involved in the transportation business and organizations.
4. Abolish Speed Limiters/ Split Speeds
5. Abolish CSA Scoring
6. Toughen Up CDL Training and Educate Public about Commercial Vehicles
7. Higher Standards for Driver Trainers
8. Parking Availability
9. Fines for SHippers and Receivers
10. Abolish Government Subsidies to HB1 Visas and to New Drivers Incentives Going Through Driving Schools
11. Driver Paid Miles and On-Duty Pay
12. Driver's Right to Protection And Privacy
13. Employers Responsible for fees and Fines Upfront
14. Limit Truck Wreck and Ambulance Chaser Attorneys
15. Emission Controllers Be Overhauled and Less Power to Emission Exploitation
16. Emission Control Levels to be under Federal Juristriction ONLY, and prohibit the States in policing their own Environmental Emission Controls actions
17. Prohibit No-Idling laws for Truckers
18. Repeal the Statutory acts from Map 21 and Fast Act
19. Stop Overreaching Congress Members Manipulating Laws and Mandates with Changes without Proper Consent or vote notifying the Transportation Industry of changes before putting into law.
20. Repeal CARB and Over Restrictive California Mandates
21. Prohibit the use of tax dollars from being taken away from the roads and infrastructure to pay subsidies to mega carriers and associated operations and businesses that would enhance and encourage mishandling of funds for other than the repair and maintenance of the roadway system in the nation.

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What #OperationBlackandBlue is going to Washington DC for….PLAIN AND SIMPLE. #washingtonpost

Author: Phil Shuart

My name is Phil Shuart and I am a professional hobo, expert vagabond, and asphalt gyspy. In short I’m a trucker. Unlike like most truckers, you can’t entice me with false promises of regular home time. I will not be lured by dedicated or regional runs. I want to wander the two-lane arteries of small town America. I want to discover new vistas that can't be seen from the interstate. I suffer from a terrible case of itchy feet. From wanderlust. Our industry has termed this Lifestyle Trucking. I prefer Hobo Life.

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