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Welcome to The Hobo Life site. My name is Phil Shuart, and I am a Professional Driver. Unlike most truck drivers, I’m not interested in “Home Time.” I’m interested in time to live. I don’t have a house or an apartment that sits empty while I’m out exploring the lower forty-eight. I make my life out here on the road. I stop in different places around the county for my down-time. Sometimes I park my rig and stay in hotels. I hike, fish, or explore wherever I happen to be. When I wake up and look out my “office window,” there’s no telling what I might see.

This is the view from my window on Pier F in Long Beach, CA. #SunriseGoals

Spending close to 345 days a year out on the road gives me an enormous amount of free time. Now I could waste that time staring at my phone or watching the new whatever on Netflix. Many an hour has been wasted in such pursuits. For the new year, I’d like to do something that makes my brain work and might be useful to my community of drivers. So, start a blog Phil. You’re only 12-15 years late to this party.

I hope to create articles that will be useful for OTR drivers. Hopefully to help make them think about new ideas, tricks, and concepts they hadn’t considered. I will slowly populate the Resources page with actual resources to help you. (It’s empty at the time of publishing this post) Cut me some slack…we all have to start somewhere and there’s no staff here. Just me and a laptop.

I hope you will find these articles, well, at best educational. At worst entertaining. Use the comments or the Contact page to suggest new topics. Please. I am wide open to suggestions for things to write about.. (See above…just me here)

Thanks for stopping by.

Phil Shuart – Professional Hobo

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Phil Shuart

I am a professional hobo, expert vagabond, and asphalt gyspy. In short I’m a trucker. I want to wander the two-lane arteries of small town America. I suffer from wanderlust.

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