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General Info

Sometimes I’m going to write something that doesn’t fit into one of my carefully created boxes. That’s what this is for.


Is your business maximizing it’s opportunities for being successful?


The Business of our Business.


Digital Doo-Dads that you might find useful.


Life on the road is inherently un-healthy. These are some ideas and tools to mitigate some of the worst factors.

Do & See

You have to try… Have you ever been to… They have the most delicious…
You get the idea.

Tips & Tricks

Tricks of the Trade. Sometimes for time saving. Sometimes just another way to accomplish a task. None of these will be the only way…just another way.

Tools & Toys

The tools (and Toys) of the trade. Highlighting items that make the work easier (or just FUN). Something we are always looking for.

Money $$

$$$ It may not buy happiness but it is nessecary to keep rolling.